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I start like this ....

As a
first course will introduce you to a very present Serbian cuisine dish, called Stuffed pork loin.

In my judgment, the easier it is to call charged pigs, but not to be vulgar, but we call him by his name ...

When I first ate this dish did not even know what the word means Stuffed, yamisljao I like something wauu! But when I passed looked at him with disbelief, appalled, that strange look, semi-rosettes meat, no flock can not eat. With the first few mouthfuls, ya taste receptors are outweighed my earlier observation that many pink meat yuck. The mild flavor of the carrots polusladunjav gave the juiciness this divine piece of meat, bacon which was obviously well-dried given the seal of smoke, while pickles give the impression of complete jela.Po the first time in favor of yivotu not even looked at, ponfrit, mushrooms, I was not that interesting to bother with it.

For all lovers of medium roasted meat or as the English call Mediium,,,, predlayem to try this dish with the addition of espanjol sauce (sauce gravy mixed with neutral pravlakom and flour) that with such a perfect combination of meat ....

     1,5kg and pork leg (big roses)
     150g pickles
     150g carrots (strips)
     150g pancetta (strips)
     salt, pepper, thyme, curry (very little ybog jacinje taste)
     50g flour
     150ml cream Megglet

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